Rules for Adjectives in French

1. Add -S if it's plural (Unless it's EUX)
2. Add another -E if it's feminine if it ends in é
3. EUX in feminine EUSE
4. Double consonant for words like mignon and gentil (mignonne, gentille)
Both of these words have vowels before consonants at the end of each word.
5. Beau is irregular and changes to belle in the feminine.
6. Adjectives must agree in gender AND number
7. If it ends in -E, you don't need to add another -E if it's feminine. Ex. jaune, timide, rapide
8. MOST adjectives come after the word they describe.
Ex. une voiture bleue, une voiture rapide. This is the opposite of English!
9. Feminine adjectives often have pronounced letters at the end.
Méchant and Méchante. The -T is only pronounced with the feminine form.

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